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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rainy day

Ahhh I LOVE the rain. My husband and I cleaned out the garage today. He's going to be building a workbench. Luckily the first couple of hours it did not rain. The kids were able to ride their bikes up and down our court. My daughter was singing Zombie by The Cranberries at the top of her lungs. Then my son started copying her. It was adorable.

We accomplished a lot. Threw out a ton of junk. Anything else we don't need or want, we're giving away or taking to charity. So we have that stuff set aside for family and friends to pick up or for us to drop off. Yeah!! :-)

I wish I could hear the rain, but all I can hear is the fish tank. I'm relaxing on the couch now. My back aches. Massage time! I can actually get to my massage table in the garage very easily now. Time for that trade Momma.

Now my very near future projects are as follows:

1) organize my pantry(I'm down to 1 pantry cabinet in the garage instead of 2)
2) organize my kitchen(this won't be a big project since I recently organized it)
3) to clean out 2 closets in the house
4) organize my sewing supplies
5) start some sewing projects(one at a time preferably)

I really want to do #5 first, but I'm trying to prioritize. I know if I started sewing I would not accomplish the other projects anytime soon. :-(

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Lisa Honey said...

Okay! Let's set up our appointments!